Most Wanted Affordable Style – May 2023

Summer sweaters, suede boots, and swimsuits. Plus the McRib of Allen Edmonds dress shoes.

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Tie Bar Colorblock Sweater Polos – $50

Tie Bar Colorblock Sweater Polos

Looks like Tie Bar might have another hit on their hands here. 100% mercerized cotton, so they’ll be super smooth and dressy. Colorblock collar/no-button placket. For those of you who want to do the contemporary rat-pack thing, these should work. Note that these are dry clean only though. Which is a deal breaker for a lot of guys. Three color combinations to choose from.


Allen Edmonds Cornwallis Oxfords – $395

Allen Edmonds Cornwallis Oxfords

They’re back! Allen Edmonds’ super refined looking, medallion toe oxford, the Cornwallis, is back!… But for a limited time only. (What is this, the McRib?) Part of the currently running “archival trunk show” which runs through May 22nd. After that… back in the vault they go. Full review can be found here.


Spier & Mackay Cotton Shawl Collar Cardigans – $98

Spier & Mackay Cotton Shawl Collar Cardigans

For those cooler than expected days, after sundown on the beach, or around a cozy fire up in the mountains. Looks to be Spier’s famous chunky shawl collar cardigans only instead of merino, these are 100% cotton. That’ll make for a perfect, affordable, 3-season sweater to have around the house, as well as an extra layer to pack when you head for the hills for a long weekend. Available in olive, gray, navy, or camel.


Bonobos Riviera Swim Trunks – $89

Bonobos Riviera Swim Trunks

A lot of us scoff at the high prices Bonobos charges. Often to the point of gladly looking for alternatives elsewhere, at half the price or even cheaper. But there’s something… risky feeling about cheaping out on swim trunks. They’re all that stand between you and a rogue wave exposing your Tom, Dick, and Harry, to every beach-combing Tom, Dick, and Harry. HELLLOOOO THOMAS, RICHARD, AND HAROLD! And the Bonobos Riviera trunks really are quite nice. 85% Recycled Polyester, 15% Spandex. They feel great, move great in the water, and this year they’ve upgraded to a new boxer-brief like liner instead of the old-school mesh brief. Lots of colors, patterns, and three different inseam lengths to pick from.


Clarks Bushacre 3 in Sand Suede – $68

Clarks Bushacre 3 in Sand Suede

Crazy good for the price. The previous version of the Bushacre was uncomfortable to many. These are a major upgrade. One of those downright cheap items in menswear that grossly outperforms its price. Full review here. Now comes with a removable multi-density Ortholite insole and a more forgiving faux-crepe rubber sole. They’re squishy out of the box. Noticeably squishy. Suede is bizarrely plush for a sub $100 pair of chukkas. Laces are thick and substantial feeling. Fit is true to your brannock size. A 10.5 fit my normally 10.5 feet just fine. Recently featured in a Chinos Chukkas Polo style scenario.


BONUS  Lululemon Down for It All Hooded Puffer Jacket – $139 FINAL ($198)

Lululemon Down for It All Hooded Puffer Jacket

No it’s not puffer season. Yes there are many, many more affordable options out there. But getting any sort of significant discount on a bestselling Lululemon item in a basic color like black or navy (and not hyper-color-tie-dye fuchsia-chartreuse-fusion) is near impossible. So while out of season and final sale, these are $59 off and have most sizes in black and navy at post time. Size shown above is a medium on 5’10″/185. It’s tremendous. It doesn’t make you look puffy. It looks athletic. It’s warm, comfortable, and moves great.

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