J. Crew: 40% off Long Weekend Sale (new arrivals too)

Stretch chino shorts. Irish linen shirts. New sunglasses, camp mocs, seersucker short sleeve button downs, and more.

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WEEKEND = 40% off select full & additional 50% off final sale

And just like that, J. Crew is the first out of the long-weekend-sales gate with their big 40% off (select) full priced items code WEEKEND. There’s also (because J. Crew always has an “also”) a quiet, set-aside section of 50% off “hot-weather” styles. Think cotton/linen chinos, dock pants, etc. And we’ll make note of those below as they appear in the picks. Also note that there are some bizarre exclusions this time.  Stretch chinos are predictably excluded (that’s the norm,) but so are their short sleeve secret wash poplin shirts. Weird, right? We’ll dodge those exclusions with the picks below…


Baird McNutt Irish linen shirts in Slim, Classic, etc. – $58.80 ($98)

For those that love the natural feel, texture, and breeziness of linen. Especially Irish linen from the famed mill Baird McNutt. Some of us will stick to our tech-y Rhone commuter shirts, but for those who prefer the classic fabrics and materials (read: not space age plastic), here’s your summer shirt. Available in slim, classic, tall, or untucked fits. Wear it with a suit to a wedding. Pack it in a beach bag for when you want/need to cover up against the sun and breeze. Also shown at the top of the post. One of J. Crew’s bestsellers.


Forrest sunglasses – $47.70 ($79.50)

Appears to be a new frame shape for the J. Crew sunglasses lineup. Strangest color-name of the year nominee goes to the frames at the top: “Faded Butter Pie.” Sure.


Camp Mocs in Leather or Suede – $112.80 ($188)

For those who find boat shoes too preppy, but don’t want to wear sneakers all the time. Summertime slip-ons that go everywhere.


Garment-dyed johnny-collar polo shirt in tipped slub cotton – $17.49 FINAL ($45)

Final sale? Already? Seems a little… suspect. Johnny-collar = no buttons. That might feel a little odd to some (wearing a polo without buttons on the placket.) It’s very much a retro look, completed with that tipping on the collar.


Waxed-canvas duffel bag – $118.80 ($198)

Waxed-canvas duffel bag

Got any trips planned? 13″H x 21 ½”W x 10″D = 2795 cubic inches. So not teeny tiny. But not huge either. A good weekender size for many.


SLIM or CLASSIC Garment-dyed slub cotton polo shirt  – $24.50 – $24.75 ($45 – $49.50) 50% off

One of the 50% off items. These are not a “dressy” polos, but they look anything but worn out and schlumpy. The three button placket gives it a bit of rakishness/keeps it from looking like that free polo you got from your workplace with the clunky logo embroidered on the chest. Fabric here is a garment dyed slub for softness. One of J. Crew’s bestsellers. In-person fit-shot is a size LARGE Slim Fit on 5’10″/190.


Italian leather madras dress belt – $34.75 ($69.50)  50% off

Unlike the other new-arrival J. Crew mixed-media belts, this one has an Italian leather front instead of Vegan leather. Should be a good belt to wear with short or chinos as it heats up.


Stretch chino shorts in 7″, 9″ or 10.5″ inseam – $41.70 ($69.50) 

Speaking of shorts… So their stretch chino pants are excluded, but the shorts are on sale. Okay then.


Tech shorts in 7″, 9″ or 10.5″ inseam – $47.70 ($79.50)

And the tech-fabric version. Looks like they might have tweaked the fabric this year from year’s past. 57% recycled nylon/39% polyamide/4% elastane. Expect them to make the “Swish Swish” noise.


Tech Pants in Slim, Straight or Athletic Fit – $58.80 ($98)

  • Size Shown: 32×30 STRAIGHT fit on 5’10″/185
  • Fabric: 60% cotton / 30% Nylon / 10% Elastane
  • Gusseted? No.
  • Do they make a “Swish Swish” Noise: Yes they do. They’re loud.
  • Extras: Hidden side seam zip pocket. Interior gel gripper waistband detail to help keep shirts tucked. Clean, snap front closure.

And their Tech pants, although the fabric makeup isn’t quite the same as the shorts. They’re comfortable, they move well, they come in multiple fits… but they do make that classic “swish swish” noise which so many abhor. If you’re good with that (many of us don’t care) than they’re absolutely worth a look. Know they run a little generous in terms of sizing. A size 32×30 (shown above) is too big on my frame and I had to exchange them for a 31×30.


Court sneakers in leather – $88.80 ($148)

Classic, white, court-inspired sneakers. Leather lined. Vibram rubber soles. Review here, albeit in an out of production English Tan shade of leather.


Stretch Slub Cotton-Linen pants in Slim or Straight Fit – $49 ($98)  50% off

J. Crew Stretch Slub Cotton-Linen pants in Slim or Straight Fit

Wear these with the white court sneakers and a favorite polo or simple t-shirt, and you’ll feel just as comfortable and look 10x more put together than the standard cargo shorts/chunky sneakers/graphic t-shirt look seen everywhere from April – August.


Italian leather dress belt – $41.70 ($69.50) or round buckle dress belt – $39 ($65)

J. Crew Italian leather dress belts

Either a classic rectangular buckle, or a slightly more modern rounded buckle. Both styles are available in two shades of brown, as well as black. Both are made from Italian leather.


Perry Suglasses – $47.70 ($79.50)

Classic keyhole bridge with exaggerated thickness to the frames.


Slim short-sleeve yarn-dyed seersucker shirts – $47.70 ($79.50)

So their short-sleeve secret-wash-poplin shirts are excluded, but their extra-summery, extra breezy seersucker short sleeves are getting the 40% off. The texture of seersucker has been used for ages to keep the wearer cool, since those raised channels helps air flow across the wearer’s skin. Pucker up, right?


6” stretch swim trunks in solid – $53.70 or print – $44.75 ($89.50)

Solids are 40% off, while the patterns are a quiet 50% off. Serve ’em those lewks, Ham. Cannonball!


Hemp-organic cotton-blend pocket T-shirt – $35.70 ($59.50)

For those that appreciate the texture hemp brings. 55% hemp/45% organic cotton. How very… earthy.


Made in Italy MacAlister Desert Boots – $94.80 ($158)

Excellent. Sometimes these are excluded. Nice suede uppers, natural rubber crepe soles. Not structured like a dressier chukka. Can absolutely be worn with beat up chinos and a t-shirt, or dressed up a bit with linen trousers and a polo. A classic that a lot of us lean on often.


Slim dock pant in stretch cotton-Cordura nylon – $49 ($98)  50% off

Slim dock pant in stretch cotton-Cordura nylon

J. Crew’s famous elastic-waist w/ drawstring “dock” pants in their spring/summer/fall appropriate cotton-nylon fabric. A really good way to dress up while dressed down. Because these are undeniably casual, yet still look good.


Secret Wash organic cotton poplin shirts – $53.70 ($89.50)

Secret Wash organic cotton poplin shirt

More shirts. This time in their secret wash cotton poplin. The gingham that made J. Crew famous.


Airman Sunglasses – $47.70 ($79.50)

I spy with my little eye… tortoise temple pieces?? That’s a really nice detail. Helps knock some of the classic glam/shine down on a pair of otherwise classic aviators.


Made-in-the-USA pocket square – $24 ($40)

Wedding season is here. And a piped, 100% linen pocket square will finish off many a suited look. Wear the green-bordered one with a navy suit, light blue shirt, smart dress shoes and a simple dress watch. Make sure the green edges are sticking out just a bit. Linen is a great fabric choice since the natural texture sets it apart from wool suiting fabrics.


Italian suede and leather round-buckle dress belt – $35.70 ($59.50)

Italian suede and leather round-buckle dress belt

Tapered end and rounded buckle makes them just different enough. Nice price with the discount.


Broken-in organic cotton oxford shirts in Slim/Classic/Untucked/Tall – $53.70 ($89.50)

These are their oxford-cloth shirts, so a little heavier than a poplin or linen, but not flannel or anything crazy deep. Available in slim fit, classic fit, and yes even a tall template.


Slim-fit pant in stretch four-season wool – $88.80 ($148)

4-season, slim fit, wool blend trousers. That’s a nice deal for a timeless pair of pants. The “Bowery” fit is slim. A size 32×32 has a 14.5″ leg opening. Therefor, team thunder thighs might struggle with these. These happen to be sold in three different inseam lengths (30, 32, 34), so plenty of guys might be able to skip a trip to the tailor.


Made in Italy MacAlister Boots in “Estate Brown Leather” – $100.80 ($168)

Made in Italy MacAlister Boots in "Estate Brown Leather"

LIMITED SIZES. The leather version of J. Crew’s made in Italy desert boots. Stitchdown construction, natural rubber sole, unlined/not-very-constructed upper for casual and easy use. Super versatile. Full review here.


Bowery Slim-fit dress pant in stretch chino – $76.80 ($128)

Bowery Slim-fit dress pant in stretch chino

Dress trousers in a cotton/elastane blend. Wear them with a polo and loafers for a warm weather dressed-up look that’s not overly stuffy or formal.


Pocket Squares in Dot Silk or Tipped or Dots Cotton wool – $23.70 ($39.50) or piped wool – $29.70 ($49.50)

One way to get more use out of your suits is to dress them down a bit. Wearing a suit with a sharp dress shirt but no tie is the easiest way to execute that dressed-down-suit-strategy. Putting in a pocket square with a little bit of visual interest will help make that tie-free outfit look complete. You’ll be set.


Slim garment-dyed slub cotton crewneck T-shirt – $22.50 ($36.50) not quite 40% off??

Well that’s just weird. One of their best-sellers is on sale but not quite 40% off. They’ve been marked down to $22.50, but they’re not final sale so they’re not getting the additional 50% off deal… yet the 40% off code doesn’t apply. Quick math says these are 38.4% off. Beats me. No idea what’s going on here.

The 40% off J. Crew code WEEKEND is set to run through… this Thursday, 5/25… so what the heck happens after that? The code WEEKEND doesn’t actually run through the weekend? We’ll keep an eye on it. 






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